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When your clarity meets your conviction, and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes.

- Lisa Nichols -

Experience High Performance Groups

High Performance Groups focus on the key elements that enable you to consistently perform at your best. Our HP Groups work to Clarify your Purpose, understand your Unique Genius, identify Barriers to your most important goals, and to cultivate tangible Profits, Impact and Results.

Performance:: Consistent, high level performance exists in all of us. Our groups foster the right habits, tools and mindset to shift our participants from burnout and struggle to flow and breakthrough.

Leverage Your Genius: Our work transforms when we understand where our zone of genius exists and how to leverage what we were meant to do in our daily lives. Find out how to be more you. HP Groups emphasize how to do more of what you were meant to do while reaching your goals, making a profit and improving the world around you. .

Power of Purpose : Knowing your WHY for business, personal or relational goals are critical to most facets of decision-making, clarity and foundational principles of success. HP Groups focus on the building blocks of Clarity, including finding, refining and re-defining your Purpose. .

Flourish Mindset: It all starts with our mindset. Through weekly group coaching, customized prompts, professionally-designed homework, and the art of group processing, our participants' "Flourish Mindset" is catapulted, supported and reinforced through whole brain activities.

Inner World Development: There is no greater technology, tool or power source then your own brain, heart and body connection. HP Groups focus on how to navigate and develop your inner world to live a life of radical responsibility, empowerment and to harness the ability to achieve whatever your mind can conceive.

Supportive Community: Interpersonal effectiveness is key to any business, family or personal goal. HP Groups focus on developing, practicing and achieving powerful skills for navigating relationships with self, others and the world. Receive support, accountability and a safe space to interact with real human beings on a similar path as you.

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The strength and clarity of your vision will lift you out of the depth of any hardship.

- Robin Sharma -

What to Expect: Professional Clarity 

Our Professional Clarity Group is a private, intimate online group setting that includes weekly prompts, professionally-led processing and customized homework and feedback. Each group has a max of six members. per group and runs for a total of two hours a week for five-six consecutive weeks. This is a unique, safe space to learn, process, and engage with like-minded individuals while receiving professional Business, Mental Health and Performance feedback.

Group Processing 

Each week will begin with a 'Prompt' geared towards one of our Clarity Goals. Each member will have a chance to process the prompt. All discussions are structured for maximum benefit to the members and are professionally facilitated and are designed to bring about transformative results.

Performance Focus 

Prompts, discussions, and feedback are all designed with a High Performance Focus. Each member is taught a simple but effective processing format that helps solidify foundational performance thought patterns, habits and skill-building.

Profitable Results  

Our hard work is always grounded in tangible results! We establish your personal and group goals beforehand and use them as our guides, reference point and evaluation point for Group Progress.

Developing Balanced Energy

Our Group Process actively develops Feminine Energetic Principles. Our HP Groups value the Masculine and Feminine equally, and strive to educate our members on how to find the right balance for them, as these two are work miracles when integrated appropriately. Usually, the Feminine is less understood and practiced so we always start there!

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is our 'secret sauce'. These are whole-brain, heart-brain, and mind-body activation prompts. This is the fastest working, most effective tool for individual and group work we've yet to find thanks to the way our brain engages these unique prompts. No prior experience necessary!

Inner World Development  

We want our members to understand and experience for themselves the incredible source of power, healing, performance and profit that lies in their own internal world. We don't try to train you to become something else, we aim to remind you of who you already are; a capable and extraordinary being. This begins and ends with Inner World Development and Expansion.

It's a lack of Clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.

- Steve Maraboli -

About Us

Flourish Revolution was developed by Jesska Layne, who also launched it's sister program, Funds to Flourish in 2019 (a high-performance start up academy for female leaders looking to raise funds for their business), Since then, the need for Group Support has sky rocketed, and Flourish Revolution has answered this call by launching new series and opportunities for individuals to receive the Emotional, Mental, Business and Financial Coaching they need to Flourish.

Jesska Layne Herfst, Founder of Flourish is our Lead Group Facilitator with a Bachelors in Marketing, a Master's in Professional Counseling and a triple specialization in Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Art Therapy. She's spent the last three years consulting with small businesses to raise funds, increase profits and achieve community impact.

Reviews from Our Community 

“ Through the Flourish Group, I received the clarity I was looking for regarding my future, giving me  the motivation I needed to make a plan for my second career. It is a life changing process. It is simple and powerful and I have NO doubts that if you try her sessions you will not be the same after it is over. It's the very essence of  what it means to be empowered. As an added bonus, I made several lasting, incredible connections with the other women who were attending the sessions. I highly recommend any of her groups."

- Mimi H., member since 2017

“This (clarity) group was by far the most transformative group I’ve ever been a part of. As a business coach, I’ve been in numerous groups, this one exceeded every expectation I could have possibly had. The prompts were thought provoking and yet simple enough that my non-artistic side didn’t get scared off. The collaborative processing that followed that art was truly an experience I won’t forget. Jesska seamlessly walks you through transformative angles to help you pull the clarity needed from it. Run to this group, don’t walk, thank me later.”

- Dee K., member since 2017

“Out of all my years of therapy, Jesska stands out as a gifted professional with a truly unique process that I believe would benefit anyone brave enough to go through their own process. I don't think I could have or would have come to my personal and professional breakthroughs in a faster or more empowering way. The group was the epitome of self care and worth the investment in every way, it's still paying off positively in my life.”

- Jenee B., member since 2017

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